Service Providers

For nearly a decade, SPAN Enterprises, parent company of ExpressACAForms, has worked closely with the IRS to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the e-filing services we provide.

The founders of SPAN combined 20 years of software and design expertise with their extensive knowledge of the IRS modernized e-file system (MEF) and created ExpressTruckTax. Today, SPAN's first IRS-authorized e-filing service is the number one choice for countless fleets and small owner-operators in the trucking industry. It stands among SPAN's other well-received e-filing products, like TaxBandits, ExpressIFTA, ExpressExtension, and Tax990, to make up ExpressTaxZone.

Each program in ExpressTaxZone, ExpressACAForms included, is designed with the user in mind and allows for a simple, secure e-filing process unlike any other.

Experience You Can Trust

The ACA reporting experience span brings to expressacaforms makes all the difference compared to other ACA compliance services. expressacaforms's e-filing engine offers a security and consistency you can rely on, something you won't find with other services that contract out their e-filing to other programs.

This year, and for future filing years, SPAN has incorporated this state-of-the-art e-filing system into our newest ACA solution: ACAwise. ACAwise combines the ease and versatility of e-filing with ExpressACAForms with a unique compliance tracking software to ensure your ACA compliance all year long. ACAwise is built for Applicable Large Employers as well as third party administrators and service providers who need to provide compliance services for multiple clients. It comes with the many features ExpressACAForms customers are accustomed to, as well as a few new ones like API Integration, Real-Time Analytics and Reporting, and White Label Account options. You can check out for more information or to request a free demo!

When deciding on a company to handle your ACA compliance and 1095 reporting, you'll want to make sure to choose one that's not only IRS-authorized, but one that also has a history of providing reliable, simple e-filing solutions. With this in mind, SPAN Enterprises, along with ExpressACAForms and ACAwise, stands out among the rest as the best e-filing option for the Affordable Care Act.