How easy is it to use ExpressACAForms?

  • 1

    Create Account or Get Invited

    When you register with ExpressACAForms, we'll create a secure, online portal through which you can access your account, and send you an email invitation with a link to the portal.

  • 2

    Add Business

    Once you're logged in, you're prompted to add basic employer information, like the business name, EIN, and person of contact.

  • 3

    Upload ACA Data

    Next, you'll upload the ACA data you already have by choosing one of our upload types.

  • 4

    Data Validation

    ExpressACAForms then performs a data validation process on the ACA data you upload.

  • 5

    IRS Business Rule Validation

    As your forms are created, our error checks, including an IRS business rule validation, make sure your data is correct and compliant with the IRS business rules.

  • 6

    Generate Forms

    Once your data is validated, ExpressACAForms generates your ACA forms and ensures they meet the IRS regulations and standards.

  • 7

    Review & Approve

    We'll notify you by email once your forms are complete, or you can check your status each step of the way from your account dashboard. Once complete, you can review your forms and approve the return.

  • 8

    Transmit to the IRS (Print or Mail Copies)

    Once you approve your return, your forms are securely transmitted to the IRS. After e-filing your aca forms, you can check the status of your return from your dashboard, and we'll also send an email to notify you when the irs has processed your return.

  • 9

    Return Corrections

    If your return is rejected, we'll pull the form(s) with errors, and clearly explain the reason for the rejection. Then, we'll help you correct and retransmit your return at no additional cost.