e-file Forms 1095-C & 1095-B with our ACA Reporting Software to Meet your ACA Requirements

Securely upload your data in any format: Excel, XML, PDF–it doesn’t matter!
Our reporting software will convert your data into 1095 & 1094 forms and e-file them.

Meet ACA Reporting Requirements Before these ACA Filing Deadline

Recipient/Employee Copies Deadline

Paper Filing Deadline

e-Filing Deadline

Why ExpressACAForms?

  • Fast, reliable, and secure e-filing.
  • Simple automated form generation process.
  • Integrated IRS Business Rule Validation to avoid rejection.
  • Convert completed Form 1095 PDFs into e-fileable data.
  • Correct and re-transmit rejected Forms 1094 and 1095 free.
  • Get real-time updates every step of the e-filing process.

Who Can Benefit from Using
our ACA Reporting Software?

  • Accountants and Personal Tax Preparers (CPAs)
  • Human Resource and Payroll Benefit Directors
  • Applicable Large Employers (ALEs)
  • Small, Self-insured Employers
  • Health Insurance Providers and Companies
  • ACA Consulting and Compliance Firms

How Does the ExpressACAForms Process Work?

Create your own account absolutely

Securely upload your ACA data in any file format.

Your ACA Forms 1095 and 1094 are automatically generated by our system.

ExpressACAForms then automatically performs error checks on your forms.

Review and approve your ACA

Next, your forms are securely e-filed directly with the IRS.

Our support staff prints and mails copies of Form 1095 to your recipients.


ExpressACAForms is committed to offering competitive pricing at some of the best rates available. Our full service ACA Reporting includes

ACA Processing
& e-filing with

Services Include:

  • Flexible Employer/Employee Data Capture
  • Built-in Error Checks
  • Safe, Secure ACA Data Generation
  • Audit Assistance
  • Print ACA Forms as PDFs
  • Send IRS Approval Letters to Recipients
  • Cloud-Based Software

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We're always ready to help our users with their ACA reporting process!

Give us a call at 704.954.8420 to speak with an account manager. We also offer email support 24/7. Send any questions you have to support@acawise.com.

Full Service ACA Reporting

Start preparing your ACA Form 1095-C / 1095-B & 1094-C / 1094-B with ExpressACAForms. We at ExpressACAForms making the whole process very simple with our ACA Reporting Software and take care of all your ACA reporting requirements and transmit it to the IRS securely.